Had a reeeeeeally hungry day today so have gone well over my daily points. But on the plus side it was my first session back playing netball and it was fab! The new trainers did the trick and supported the dodgy ankle. No trips or falls today!

#Australia vs #New_Zealand - #Netball - women in sport

Constellation Cup victory for Australia

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Australians love their sport and the rivalry with NZ is second to none...particularly in the netball! GOAL KEEPER!!WOOP WOOP!!

NETBALL:- This is an important occupation to me as I used to play it at school. It was not only good for my physical health but it also benefited my mental wellbeing and my social wellbeing.

Netball another one of my hobbies :p

Have fun through Netball drills Netball drills is a good game which is liked by many players. Netball drills involves the use of ball among many players. Netball drills is a unique game which provides.

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I'm just trying to live healthy and get fit as well as laugh a little on the way. This is mostly inspirational and motivational pics and quotes. And a little bit of everything else to help me stay on track.

ANZ Championship legend Temepara George playing for the Mystics. Who's your favourite ANZ Championship player?

Temepara George in ANZ Championships - Mystics v Tactix

Netball is a very popular competitive and social sport for this generation, there is a position for every player short or tall, fit or unfit.

#Netball: Determination, effort, attiude, practice, skill

Both my girls played from the age of for up to 10 years. Now my Granddaughters play.

Lizzy Ellis at her finest. Check out that jump!

Love netball training, I usually play defence and to jump this high may get me in first team haha