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🏆 Tattoo of the day Artist: Gerhard Wiesbeck Location: Germany Artist's IG:

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If you want to make Fantasy Hip Tattoo yourself and you are looking for the suitable design or just interested in tattoo, then this site is for you.

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JDH- Audrey Marilyn Tattoo Parlor Poster by James Danger Harvey 24 x This poster features Audrey Hepburn tattooing Marilyn Monroe, by artist James Danger Harvey.

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Both sleeves of a Pointillism tattoo by Nazareno Tubaro. This is a beautiful two sleeve tattoo design by Nazareno Tubaro. Most of his work is based on organic patterns that are inked in dots or lines.

I love that cat on her hand! This lady is completely awesome, sh has her cool cat going on and a Monroe so i officially love her!