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.it's LOOOOooong !!!! but READ IT if you EVER wanna know the JOY of writing & journaling My SALVATION!!!!!

Why write? Writing is essentially becoming free-Victoria Erickson-

Positive vibe tribe.

Let us become that open ocean and make it rise ༺♡༻ Victoria Erickson

Victoria Erickson (facebook: Victoria Erickson, writer) / Insight <3

Allow the subtle things to be glorious. Flip fear into courage. Sweetly anticipate nothing in particular. Be rocked and riveted by the ordinary. Think poetically. Look for the beauty. Be love.

miso @m_i_s_o_ : home-made tatto...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

: home-made tattoos : sun & sunset for Maddy, traded for plants & drawings.