Heston's exploding chocolate gateau recipe : SBS Food - love the hidden popping candy element surprise your guests.

Heston Blumenthal's lemon tart - finally found it, best lemon tart recipe. I heed Meyer lemons so dropped the sugar to

Belgian lemon tea cake recipe by Gareth and Emma Grierson from the Red Door Bakery in Adelaide, SA

Dulche letche cheesecake

Caramel AND cheesecake. This divine dulce de leche cheesecake from Pati Jinich is a mighty fine way to discover this Food Network star (here's more about Pati's Mexican Table).

Lemon delicious

The magic in this old-fashioned pudding lies purely in the way that even though it goes into the oven as one mixture, it emerges as a gorgeous light sponge sitting over a creamy, mouth-puckering sauce. This is one pudding that always pleases.

Chocolate Mousse (dairy and egg free). Made with avocado, cocoa and banana. She puts chili flakes in it to give it some kick.

Crisp pretzels and a salted caramel filling takes this classic English dessert to new heights. Serve these banoffee tarts either chilled or at room temperature but never forget the vanilla cream and bitter chocolate shavings.

Buttermilk scones recipe : SBS Food

These scones are light and delightfully textured, although you have to smother them with red berry jam and lightly whipped cream to enjoy the full effect. For some reason sour buttermilk, (or milk with some yoghurt added), makes better scones.