I Quit Sugar - Choc-Cashew Bliss Balls Substitute with coconut flour!

Choc-Cashew Bliss Balls

I Quit Sugar - Choc-Cashew Bliss Balls (This still contains rice malt syrup, I might replace it with Date Syrup - purely made of dates only)

I Quit Sugar - Cacao + Raspberry Slab

Cacao + Raspberry Slab

Then you'll love this Cacao + Raspberry Slab from Scott Gooding, which combines our love for cacao, tahini and raspberries, yummo!

I Quit Sugar recipe - Almond Butter Bark by Sarah Wilson

Almond Butter Bark

Almond butter bark We recommend Pureharvest rice malt syrup. Some variations to try. Peanut Butter and Jelly Bark: Replace almond butter with peanut butter.

The best sugar-free chocolate bark that can be made in 5 minutes flat!– I Quit Sugar

How to make the best sugar-free chocolate bark

How to Make the Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Bark (in 5 minutes flat) ~ I Quit Sugar (Sarah Wilson)


Raspberry Chia Jam

Raspberry Chia Jam / I Quit Sugar (Raspberries, fresh or frozen, 1 tablespoon rice malt syrup, chia seeds)

I Quit Sugar - Banana Bread Breakfast Muggin

Banana Bread Breakfast Muggin

Banana Bread Mug mffin. This muggin will rise so make sure to use a mug with rising room We used a microwave, if your microwave is less powerful, it will require a bit

I Quit Sugar - Two Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

I Quit Sugar - Curried Popcorn Chicken

Curried Popcorn Chicken + Sweet Chilli Swirl

Curried Popcorn Chicken and Sweet Chilli Swirl. For extra juicy chicken, the longer you marinate the chicken, the more tender it will become! We suggest marinating overnight for an extra hit of juiciness

I Quit Sugar - Sweet potato fritters with smashed avocado and salmon

Sweet Potato Fritters with Smashed Avo

Try this Sweet potato fritters with smashed avocado and salmon recipe by Chef Maggie Beer.

I Quit Sugar - Haloumi Potato Pie

Haloumi Potato Pie

I Quit Sugar - The Creamiest Oat and Rye Porridge

The Creamiest Oat + Rye Porridge

A spurtle is a traditional wooden instrument made for stirring porridge. It has a turned end and does the job perfectly. Because it has little surface area

I Quit Sugar - Peanut Butter Jelly Raw Brownie recipe by Natasha Giuffre

Raw Peanut Butter + Jelly Brownie