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Viking's helmets.

Maybe stylized bird on nosepiece of helm? Viking/North Germanic style (Saxon) Helmets of the Migration Period - Viking Age.

The only existing Viking Age helmet was found at a Norwegian burial site in1943, among objects which date back to the 900's. Chain mail, three swords, three axes, three spearheads, riding equipment, game pieces and dice were also found. It is believed that one of the buried men was a petty king from the Ringerike area.

“ The Gjermundbu helmet find: Haugsbygd in Ringerike, Eastern Norway, 1943 Museum of Cultural History, Oslo ” “ “This iron helmet is the only one that is found in Scandinavia dating back to the Viking.

Viking shields

I think these are from the movie "Outlander". Not period- no cover. Shields without a canvas, leather, or rawhide cover shatter, as some of my friends quickly learned while trying to fight with some.