Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes

Textured Painting with Nature's Paint Brushes

"Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes" This is not just art, but art in nature! Go on a nature walk to gather 'schtuff!' Then use what you gather to create art or As art!

great for when we study our around the world geography next year!

Grade Level: Grade Art Elements: Line, Contour Line Art Skills: Observational Drawing Art History: Aboriginal Art, Australia This lesson plan helps grade students learn about contour line.

Trees study-    Paint bark or discs of tree trunks. Let them paint two, one to take home and another to create a collage and display.

let the children play: bark painting at preschool Jennifer Kable via Sarah Jobson onto kids' nature play


Stick Painting Activity - Art And Craft - Art Project


Aboriginal handprints

This year, we have decided to take a further look into some of the amazing sights we saw on our Lap of Oz. First up, we have decided to take a look at the amazing Aboriginal Rock Art. We saw rock art first at Carnarvon Gorge and then again at the West

Rainbow snake class art

Rainbow snake class art Use this as an integrated lesson - use for skip counting as a whole class activity