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MOnarCH - social robot on Behance

The result of a collaboration between engineers, programmers, psychologists and designers, MOnarCH is an experiment in social robotics that aims to provide edutainment to children, visitors

Paro, a therapeutic robot. <a href="">Go to related article </a><a href="">»</a>

Helper Robots Care for the Aged - Just like Frank, as the baby boomer generation grows old and if the number of elderly care workers fails to grow with it, many people might end up being cared for by robots.


Sony researchers performed an experiment in which one of their biped robots was placed in a classroom to determine how kids adapt to robots.

A humanoid robot called Xiao Mei speaks to students in a classroom at Jiujiang University on June 3, 2015 in Jiujiang, China. The robot was created by the university's School of Information Science and Technology in over one month. The robot can give students a lesson following PowerPoint and make simple contact with students.

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Social robots may soon be living around us

David Hanson, the one-time Walt Disney sculptor with the University of Texas at Dallas PhD, has long dreamed of the day when humanlike robots would become affordable enough for everyone&hellip;

Leonardo MIT's social robot

Leonardo MIT's social robot

Dog behaviors!! !    Phoenix dog training!! "K9katelynn" see more about paradise dog training at Dogs' behavior could help design social robots

Dogs Are Perfectly Happy To Socialize With Robots Dogs will interact with social machines. But will dogs assist the robots in taking over th.

MOnarCH - social robot on Behance

MOnarCH - social robot on Behance

Social robots in therapy for children with autism

This video gives an introduction about social robots that are used in therapy for children with autism.

An interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineers and autism experts at Vanderbilt University have developed an adaptive robotic system and used it to demonstrate that humanoid robots can be powerful tools for enhancing the basic social learning skills of children with autism.

Interactive Robot Helps Children with Autism: Robotic systems may be powerful tools for enhancing the basic social learning skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).