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the shadow of a clock on a checkered floor
patterns... lights and shadows
a black and white photo of a man with an umbrella crossing the street in front of a bus
Passarelle by Rui Palha
a person walking down a hallway with a checkered floor and black and white tiles
Junichi Hakoyama
a woman standing in front of an archway with steps leading up to the ground and trees
In wonderland
an image of a woman in blue dress playing cards on a checkered table with chess pieces
Alicia y el ajedrez http://themaskedlady.blogspot.com.es/
a painting of people playing chess on a checkered board
Chess by Vladimir Kush
Chess. Vladimir Kush
a black and white checkered room with a red person standing in the middle of it
Chess Art - 1
Chess Art
two hands playing chess on a black and white checkered board with strings attached to them
Surreal Paintings by Mihai Criste | Art and Design
a painting of a boy on top of a chess board with a woman in the middle
Rafal Olbinski
two people on a boat in the water with giant chess pieces behind them at sunset
chess art
two men playing chess in front of an open book
Book Art by Jonathan Wolstenholme
Book Art by Jonathan Wolstenholme
someone is holding up a piece of paper with an elephant in the middle of it
Gift Republic - More than a Gift
Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography | Creative cool stuff | Spinninghat.comCreative cool stuff | Spinninghat.com
the chess board is made out of wood and has black and white buttons on it
Unique Gift Ideas | Personalised Gifts | Hardtofind
Chess Board
a painting of a chess board with the ocean in the background
World Paintings
I would love to own... Big chess player! Paul Jonkers (b.1951) - End Game, c.2007, oil on canvas, private collection.
a woman's face with black and white chess pieces in the shape of her head
chess art