tips for negotiating pet-friendly by-laws | Pets in the City

tips for negotiating pet-friendly by-laws

Really good wording to benefits of dogs in strata living

Controlling smoke drift in apartments: A need for greater regulation?



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Pet application and agreement forms - our body corp

It's no secret that Brisbane has seen an escalating apartment-living trend in recent years. The city’s inner suburbs are now packed with an assortment of medium and high density living spaces, with much more on the way.In light of this growing development, dog owners across Queensland have fought relentlessly

The fight to get pets into Queensland apartments continues

There’s no doubt Australia is a nation of animal-lovers. We have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, with the RSPCA estimating two out of three households have a pet of some sort.

Do you ever feel like you’re full of energy and enthusiasm when you’re training your clients, but when you get home from work you feel exhausted, drained or flat?