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an abstract painting with plants and snow on the ground
an abstract painting with trees and moon in the sky, on top of a piece of paper
"A New Day" acrylic and collage, 6x8 inches. Work in progress, will be bound into a journal
an abstract painting with trees and oranges in the foreground, on a pink background
Abstract Landscape Painting, Contemporary Art “Place of Tomorrow“ by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton
a full moon is seen through the branches of a tree
love is round... | love is round... | so this on my old screen is a bit darker than I had wanted but on my new screen is perfect. I'm assuming some of you may be seeing it too dark too. But you may have been seeing some past work a bit too light. hard to say... come visit me at an art fair this summer and see them in person maybe. :) I suppose I'll need to do some calibration.
two trees are standing in the middle of a body of water with no leaves on them
an abstract painting with brown, blue and white colors
Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painting "Serenity" by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton