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Only in Australia . visit Australia buy a boomerang, take it home see how customs etc likes it.

<b>What Aussies think makes them Aussies.</b> As tweeted via Twitter's globally trending #youknowyoureaustralianwhen hashtag.

You say 'Straya instead of Australia.

Afl meme. We Aussies worry me occassionally

Australian sport logic<<< that's because skin cancer is our number one fucking killer!

Australian Problems // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

I want to go to America with the cool yellow school bus like in the movies.

Meanwhile in Australia...

funny caption socks with sandals in florida time to break out the winter clothes

On our finest cuisine: | Literally Just 31 Hilarious Memes About Life In Australia

Literally Just 31 Hilarious Memes About Life In Australia

On our finest cuisine: (Top to bottom) sausages with tomato suace (or "Ketchup") in bread, fairy bread (MAGICAL), and Lamingtons.

Meanwhile, in Australia #funny

And dinner guests>>holy crap i thought it was soem kind of donkey beast before i read the description n realized its a kangaroo