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a tree in the middle of a stone circle
Artist uses his highly creative mind to produce ephemeral artworks from natural materials
an image of a person with long hair and plants on their head, text reads how to make concrete head planters all the best ideas
Cactus Medusa
myths and legends theme- medusa with a twist?
three metal sculptures are in the middle of a gravel area with trees and bushes behind them
Восхитительные примеры изделий из лозы, полностью преображающие придомовый участок
Восхитительные примеры изделий из лозы, полностью преображающие придомовый участок
an abstract painting with trees and water in the foreground, on a white wall
A través de la fotografía, la artista ha registrado espacios que ha habitado por largas estancias. Con esta técnica su experiencias quedar...
a man standing in front of a wooden arch made out of sticks and logs on the side of a road
land art
a sculpture made out of sticks in the grass
Bildergebnis für cornelia konrads
several different pictures of trees in the woods with water and leaves on them, one is upside down
Artist Lee Borthwick installs mirrors in nature to offer a sense of peace and self-reflection.
an abstract sculpture with moss growing out of it's base on a wooden floor
i like this art
Paul chan Interesting combination of forms and materials.
a sculpture made out of green plants in a building
Living Art Installations
▶▶▶ Flower artist Makoto Azuma // Art of Plants installation in Japan's Isetan Department store takes a greener perspective to the art of consumerism with plant artwork.
three different views of plants in the shape of people's heads, with one being upside down
Human Plant
an art piece with moss growing on it
'moistSCAPE' by freecell
Instalación destinada a espacios comerciales. Los montantes verticales sustentan una segunda estructura de plegados sobre los que se apoyan zonas de jardín tipo vertical.
green leaves are shown against a white background
palms photo by happymundane on instagram
some green plants hanging from a red pot
String of Pearls
String of Pearls | 17 Incredible Houseplants You Need Right Now
three different views of an artistic object with flowers on it's sides and in the middle
Pressed Flowers Transformed Into Delicate Sculptures by Ignacio Canales Aracil The art of pressing and preserving flowers is a beautiful and simple way to retain the memory of a moment,and it’s a green way to create an incredible piece of decor. Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil has taken this crafty technique and bumped it up a notch with his airy and delicate sculptures. Part dome, part surrealism, Aracil’s flower sculptures are woven together and explore the fragility of time.