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Collecting seeds from your garden is not only fun, it’s a great way to save yourself some cash! In this post, I’ll show you everything you need to know about harvesting seeds, so you will have the best success. One of the best ways to save money on your garden is to harvest seeds from your existing plants. I use them to trade for other varieties that I don’t already have, saving myself even more money! a hand collecting seeds from a plant in a garden
How to Harvest and Collect Seeds from Your Garden (budget-friendly garden project!)
Collecting seeds from your garden is not only fun, it’s a great way to save yourself some cash! In this post, I’ll show you everything you need to know about harvesting seeds, so you will have the best success. One of the best ways to save money on your garden is to harvest seeds from your existing plants. I use them to trade for other varieties that I don’t already have, saving myself even more money! a hand collecting seeds from a plant in a garden
2 small potted aloe vera plants with 2 cuttings in a cup next to them Nutrition, Health Tips, Diet And Nutrition, Fitness, Lunches, Aloe Plant Care, What Is Healthy, Aloe Vera Leaf, Fresh Aloe Vera
How to Harvest Aloe Vera (detailed step-by-step guide!)
Learning how to harvest aloe vera at home is a great way to utilize its benefits. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know exactly when and where to cut it. It’s not difficult, but it’s important to understand how to do it the right way so you don’t end up killing your plant. In this detailed harvesting guide, I’ll tell you all you need to know about harvesting aloe vera, including when, where, and how often, and I’ll give you tons of tips for success.
3 knobs of ginger in a pot on top of potting soil Plants, Vegetable Garden, Life Hacks, Herbs, Ideas, Gardening, Gardening For Beginners, Canning, Growing
How and When to Plant Ginger Root to Get a Decent Crop (step-by-step guide!)
I’m going to show you exactly when, where, and how to plant your ginger root, with complete step-by-step instructions. You can plant your ginger in either a pot or the garden, as long as the soil is rich, fertile, and well draining. Follow these 5 easy steps to plant your ginger root plus, and get my tips, tricks and FAQs to increase your success!
3 small mason jars with chunks of squash and solution inside each Casserole, Healthy Recipes, Canning Recipes, Canning Squash, Pressure Canning, Canned Squash
Canning Squash (detailed step-by-step guide!)
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to can squash step by step, including helpful tips and the best safety practices. Learn why you can only use a pressure canner to can squash. Find out why it's not safe to can summer squash, how to store canned squash, and the canning tools and equipment you need.
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two jars filled with corn and the title how to can corn everything you need to know
Canning Corn (everything you need to know!)
Have an overabundance of corn from your vegetable garden, grocery store or farmer’s market, canning it is one of the best ways to preserve corn before it goes bad. Canning corn is not only easy and convenient to use in your favorite recipes throughout the year, it makes for a classic and delicious side dish to any meal. Reduce food waste and increase sustainability! Follow along below as I show you all you need to know about how to can corn, including tons of helpful tips for success.
a blue ceramic pot with a large palm plant growing Cats, Care, Palm, Flower Spike, Backyard, Garden, Healthy Cat
How to Grow Cat Palms (complete plant care guide!)
Cat palm plants are easy to care for, and grow well either indoors or outside in containers or in the ground. This complete plant care guide is designed to teach anyone about cat palm plant care so they can grow them successfully. Discover what kind of water, light, soil, and maintenance they need so you can care for your cat palm like a pro in no time.
2 glass mason jars filled with squash chunks and canning liquid Canned, Vegetarian, Winter Squash, Vegan Paleo
Canning Squash Step-by-Step (preserve your garden vegetables!)
Canned squash is great to use in any of your favorite recipes, like casseroles and soups, or it makes a quick heat-and-serve side dish to any meal. Learning how to can squash is a useful skill – no matter if you have extra from your garden, or just find a deal at the grocery store or farmers market. I’ll show you how to can squash using a pressure canner, including helpful tips and the best safety practices.
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DIY Fruit Fly Trap That Really Works (easy step-by-step guide!)
Fruit flies driving you crazy? Fruit flies can be a major pest in the kitchen, especially during the gardening harvest season! If they’re driving you crazy, try this easy DIY trap that will not only catch them, but kill them too! The best part is that it only takes a couple of minutes to make, and you can set it up the moment you see the first fruit fly hovering over your fresh produce. Follow these step-by-step instructions to get rid of fruit flies in your home for good!
a tracking sheet with someone with a red pen filling it out Growing Vegetables, Shaded Garden, Companion Planting, Starting A Garden, Growing Food, Pest Control
Harvest Tracking Sheet and Detailed Guide (Free Printable to Download!)
There are tons of benefits to keeping track of your vegetable garden harvests. It’s fun to see how much food you can grow in your garden. But when you keep records, it will also be easier to plan for future years. You can see exactly what’s working the best in your garden, and ditch the stuff that isn’t. I’ll show you how to keep track of your harvests step-by-step. Plus, I’ll give you a free printable garden harvest tracking sheet that will make it super easy for you to record everything.
a dark green zucchini growing on a vine in a vegetable garden Stacked Pots, Growing Zucchini, Zucchini Plants, Plant Needs, Summer Garden, Water Garden, Plant Care
Growing Zucchini In Your Garden: Complete Plant Care Guide
Growing zucchini at home is a great way to enjoy a productive vegetable in your summer garden. This complete guide to growing zucchini will help you learn everything you need to have the best success. Get tips on soil, water, sun, fertilizer, pests, harvesting, and more. Discover how to trellis zucchini plants, how to harvest zucchini and how to troubleshoot issues, handle pest control and so much more in this how to grow zucchini plant care guide!
a white chamomile flower with yellow center White Flowers, Small White Flowers, Chamomile Growing, Chamomile Flowers, Sunflower Family
How to Grow Chamomile in Your Herb Garden (complete plant care guide!)
Growing chamomile isn’t as difficult as you may think, and this herb requires minimal care. In this plant care guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know to successfully growing chamomile. It’s easy to care for and perfect for beginners, who want to learn how to grow something easy and beautiful. You’ll learn about providing the best soil, sun, and water, plus how to prune and pick the flowers to maximize its full potential.
a woman harvesting cucumbers with shears from a vertical trellis in a garden Outdoor, Vines, Pruners, How To Know, Harvest, Garden And Yard, Seasonal Garden
When and How to Harvest Cucumbers from Your Vegetable Garden (step-by-step guide!)
Not sure when or how to harvest your cucumbers? This harvesting guide is for you! Knowing exactly when to harvest cucumbers and how to pick them correctly is key for healthy vines and more fruit. Learn everything you need to bring in a healthy and bountiful crop. Learn how to know when they’re ready, and how often you should be checking in. Then get tips on how to pick cucumbers at their peak of flavor and texture, and what to do with them after bringing them inside.
2 large rain barrels on the side of a house connected to collect rainwater
What is Rainwater Harvesting? And How to Get Started!
Simply put, rainwater harvesting is capturing runoff, and storing it for later use. Besides the fact that you will have a steady supply of free water, there are many more benefits of collecting rainwater that help the environment too. In this guide, you'll learn the benefits of rainwater harvesting, different methods of collecting rainwater, using rainwater in youyr gardens and the easiest way to start collecting rainwater is by using a rain barrel.
gardening gift guide for mother's day 20 gifts she's sure to love
Gardening Gift Guide for Mother's Day (20 gifts she's sure to love!)
Whether it be for her birthday, the holidays, or if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day present, this guide will give you lots of good ideas. The list contains a variety of unique gardening gifts in different sizes and price ranges and includes gardening tools, gadgets, supplies, and even some great books she will love. If your mom is a gardener, you can't go wrong on Mother's Day with one of these cool gardening gifts for mom!
a bunch or roma tomatoes, some red, some light green, growing on vines in a vegetable garden Tomato Plants, Growing Tomatoes, Growing Tomato Plants, Tomato Plant Care
Growing Tomatoes at Home (detailed plant care guide for best yield!)
The good news is that even a beginner can learn how to grow tomatoes easily, even if they don’t have a garden patch or even a backyard. Learn all you need to be successful growing tomatoes in a garden or in containers. From getting them in the ground to caring for tomato plants all the way through the end of the growing season, this guide will have you growing tomatoes with the biggest and best yields!