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Herbs can grow anywhere, in shade or sun, in pots, planters, window boxes, and containers, or even vertically! Plant them on your deck, patio, apartment…
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How to Harvest Lavender Leaves and Flowers (plus, storing tips!)
A few of the most common questions I get are “What part of lavender do you harvest?” and “When is the best time to do harvest lavender?" Regularly harvesting lavender buds encourages the plant to bloom even more. Once you know when and how to harvest lavender leaves and/or flower buds, you’ll have tons of this wonderful and fragrant herb to use in your kitchen or for crafting. Herb gardening made easy with Get Busy Gardening!
a hand reaching in to harvest parsley from the plant Herb Garden, Garden Care, Paleo, Vegetable Garden, Growing Vegetables, Reading, Canning Recipes, Growing Herbs At Home, Parsley Plant
How and When to Harvest Parsley From Your Herb Garden (step-by-step guide!)
Harvesting parsley is quick and easy, and you can do it all summer long. In this harvesting herb guide, you’ll learn when and how to harvest parsley for the biggest yield and the freshest flavor. The steps for harvesting parsley are simple. After picking the fresh sprigs from your herb garden, you can add it to whatever dish you would like. One of the beautiful things about parsley is that it will continue to grow new sprigs, even after you have cut some from your plant.
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How to Dry Basil 5 Ways (step-by-step guide to drying herbs!)
I'll show you how to dry basil using 5 simple methods that you can do right at home. Learn how to dry basil in the oven or microwave. Learn how to use a dehydrator to dry basil or how to hang and air dry basil leaves and more. Drying basil is a simple and cost effective way to enjoy it all year long in an array of recipes. Simply choose the method that works best for you, and you’ll be able to have it on hand whenever you need it.
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How and When to Harvest Sage from Your Herb Garden (how to pick, pluck, or snip sage!)
Harvesting sage is actually pretty simple. Since it’s a perennial herb that keeps producing, you can continue enjoying it for a long time to come. There are two methods that are easy, even for first-time gardeners. You can either pick the leaves individually, or snip a bunch of stems all together. I’ll show you exactly how to harvest sage using both methods. I’ll give you tips for cleaning, storing, and using it too. So you’ll know exactly what to do with the fresh leaves after you pick them.
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How to Fertilize Herbs in the Organic Garden (plus, the best organic fertilizers!)
One of the best things about herbs is that they are very low-maintenance plants. Which means they don’t require a ton of care. So don’t be intimidated by the thought of fertilizing herbs, it’s really not that difficult and doesn’t take much time! In this detailed herb fertilizer guide, I will break it all down, and make fertilizing your herb garden super easy. Plus, my recommendations for the best herb fertilizers you can buy.
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Growing Tarragon in Your Herb Garden
Tarragon is one of the easiest herbs to grow in the home garden. Beginners can even grow a bountiful crop once they know how to give tarragon the care it needs to thrive. In this plant care guide all about growing tarragon, I’ve shared my best tips and advice so anyone can get it going. You’ll learn when and where it thrives, how much sun, water, and fertilizer it needs, and how to keep it healthy through the years.
a bushy green herb growing in a harden Plant Care, Fertilizer
Growing Marjoram (complete plant care guide!)
Learn how to grow marjoram so you can add this wonderful addition to your herb garden. It’s a low-maintenance plant for beginners who want to enjoy homegrown herbs. This complete plant care guide will help anyone start growing marjoram. Discover what soil, water, sun, and fertilizer needs it has, how to prune, and so much more, all in one place. Whether you are growing marjoram inside or outside in your herb or vegetable garden, it's all here! Learn when to plant and where to grow marjoram.
a green and purple sage plant growing in a garden Ideas, Naturaleza, Flower Spike, Care, How To Grow, Sage
How to Grow Sage (complete herb care guide!)
This complete herb care guide will teach you how to grow sage no matter what your skill level is. Discover everything you need to know, including the right sun, water, soil, fertilizer, pruning, harvesting, and more to successfully grow sage at home in your herb garden. This plant care guide covers where to grow sage plants and when to plant sage plus how to care for sage indoors or outdoors in your garden or growing sage in pots or containers.
a hand about to harvest basil leaves Basil, Harvest, Basil Plant, Fresh Herbs
How and When to Harvest Basil from Your Herb Garden (larger yields with the best flavor!)
In this guide, you'll learn how and when to harvest basil leaves from your herb garden for the largest yield and freshest flavor. Plus, you'll get tips for washing and using it after you harvest it too. The great thing about harvesting basil is that is it quick and simple. Since it’s a cut-and-come-again herb, the more you pick it, the more you’ll get.
oregano being put in a microwave, in a drying rack, and in the oven Easy, Dried, A Food, Edible, Pretty Decor
How to Dry Oregano from Your Herb Garden (4 easy DIY ways to do it at home!)
Whether you have oregano growing in your herb garden or want to preserve leftovers from the store, drying fresh oregano is simple. It gives you a zesty spice that you can use for cooking. The best thing about drying herbs yourself is that it will have even more flavor than the stuff you buy at the store. Plus, it's a budget-friendly choice. Learn the 4 easy methods to drying oregano at home. This guide will answer all of your questions about how to dry oregano.
gardening shears cutting sprigs from a rosemary plant Leaves, Green Leaves, Quick, Plant Leaves, Rosemary, Pruners
When and How to Harvest Rosemary from Your Herb Garden (quick and easy process!)
Harvesting rosemary couldn’t be easier. Once you know the best techniques and time of year, you’ll be able to enjoy your biggest rosemary bounty, and the best flavor and aroma possible. Since it’s a cut-and-come-again type of crop, the more you pick it, the more you’ll end up with – as long as you do it correctly. In this guide, you’ll learn the best techniques for how to harvest rosemary, plus get tips on what to do with it afterward.
a pair of garden shears cutting a branch off of a rosemary plant Diy, Rosemary Plant, Pruning Plants, Prune Rosemary, Plant Growth
How to Prune Rosemary to Promote Growth and for Larger Yields
In this guide, I’ll share my top tips for pruning rosemary plants. I’ll also delve into why, when, and how you should cut it back. Covering everything from what tools you’ll need, to optimal angles for trimming, I’ll teach you all you need to know. Pruning rosemary the right way will ensure a healthy and highly productive plant.
rosemary and thyme growing in a garden Prune, Propagation
How to Grow Herbs at Home (plant care guide!)
Whether in the garden or pots, growing your own fresh herbs can bring beauty to your yard, flavor to your kitchen, and they are easier to care for than you might think. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to grow herbs at home. Discover where herbs thrive best, including their sun, water, and fertilizer needs, plus get tips on propagation, harvesting, pruning, and much more.
How to Grow Rosemary (complete plant care guide!)
If you want to try growing herbs in your garden, then rosemary is a great choice. This versatile plant can be grown in a pot or the ground, and it requires very little care. Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) is a perennial herb that is native to the Mediterranean, and a member of the mint family. Great for beginner gardeners looking to add a herb garden outdoors or indoors, rosemary is easy and fun to grow.
9 herbs growing in a shade garden Shaded Garden, Growing Basil, Drought Tolerant
15 of the Best Shade Herbs for Low Light Areas
If you’re looking for herbs that grow in low light areas, then this list is for you! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all of the shade herb options you have. In fact, many of the herbs in this list actually prefer the shade! There’s a bit more to growing herbs in the shade than just planting and watering. Low light gardens tend to have a few unique challenges. Follow these tips for the best success.