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a strawberry bush growing in a garden Gardening, Garden Care, How To Grow Strawberries, Growing Strawberries, Grow Strawberries, Fertilizer, Watering, Plant Care, How To Grow
How to Grow Strawberries at Home (complete plant care guide!)
The first step in enjoying home-grown strawberries is learning what it takes to care for the plants year after year. This detailed plant care guide teaches you all about how to grow strawberries in your garden. Discover everything you need to know to grow strawberries from water, sunlight, soil, and fertilizer, to pruning, harvesting, organic pest control, and much more.
freezer bags full of peas on a cutting board Growing Vegetables, Cooking Tips, Companion Planting, Vegetable Garden, Vegetable Gardening, Freezing Peas, Growing Food, Fresh Peas, Peas
How to Freeze Peas: Blanched or Raw (step-by-step guide!)
Whether you have an overabundance of peas from your garden, or you want to stock up from the grocery store or farmer’s market, freezing them is a convenient option. I’ll show you how to freeze fresh peas with or without blanching, with detailed step-by-step instructions. Discover the different methods you can use to freeze peas.
corn on the cob sitting on a cutting board Ideas, Reading, Alternative, Summer, Amigurumi Patterns, Diy, Canning Corn, How To Freeze Corn
How to Freeze Corn On or Off the Cob (step-by-step guide!)
Got an abundance of corn from your vegetable garden or grocery store? Learning how to freeze corn, on or off the cob, is a great way to preserve your garden harvest and reduce food waste. You'll also discover why blanching corn before freezing is important to preserve its texture. Plus, storage tips. By following the steps in this guide, you are sure to enjoy that summer freshness all year long.
a large passion fruit flower growing from the vine Fruit, Growing Passion Fruit, Garden Soil, Garden Veggies
Growing Passion Fruit in Your Garden (great for gardening newbies!)
In this guide, you'll learn how to grow passion fruit in your garden. Get all the info you need about watering, soil, sunlight, pruning, harvesting, and much more. The passion fruit vine plant is a great option for new gardeners who want to grow their own fruit. You'll learn where and when to plant passion fruit, basic care, disease and pest control. Plus how to vine your passion fruit in a vertical garden and FAQs.
2 green leaf and 1 red leaf lettuce plants growing in a garden Compost, House Plants, Plants, Growing, Garden, Head Of Lettuce, Home And Garden, Lettuce
How to Grow Lettuce in Your Home Garden (complete plant care guide!)
With an amazing assortment to choose from, growing lettuce in your home vegetable garden can be a fun and delicious project. In this guide, I’ve shared all of the care tips you need to get started growing lettuce in your garden or containers. You’ll learn when and how to plant it, and how to create the perfect environment to keep your lettuce plants thriving.
How to Naturally Clear Pond Water (kill algae without harming fish!)
How to naturally clear pond water without harming your fish. Learn how to get rid of pond algae and muck, without using any harsh chemicals. I’ll give you all the details of how to clear pond water, and keep it clear safely, without harming your fish or plants! Barley straw is a natural pond algae killer, and it won’t harm your fish or plants – and it’s cheap to buy too. Find out how to use and much more in this guide to maintaining your garden pond.
small cucumbers on the vines that have yellowed Tips, Fresh Food, Photosynthesis, Prevention, Yellow Cucumber, Healthy Fruits, Plant Tags
Why Do Cucumbers Turn Yellow and How to Prevent It (tips and FAQs!)
Are some of your garden cucumbers turning yellow? It can be difficult to tell exactly why your cucumbers are turning yellow, and you may never know for sure why it happened. In this list, you’ll find some of the most common causes so you can narrow it down. There are often simple ways to prevent it from happening. I’ll help you troubleshoot the potential causes behind the discoloration, and share what you can do to prevent yellow cucumbers in the future.
a large head of purple cauliflower growing in a garden Shaded Garden, Growing Cauliflower, How To Grow Cauliflower
Growing Cauliflower (complete plant care guide!)
If you want to add cauliflower to your vegetable garden, this complete guide is for you. It's designed to help you master the process of growing cauliflower. It includes everything you need to know, from soil, water, fertilizer, and temperature, to tips on pests, diseases, blanching, and much more. You'll learn where and when to plant cauliflower and I'll provide you with troubleshooting guidance, tips and FAQs.
a spikey green plant with pink blooms
How to Care for Mother of Millions (succulent plant care guide!)
Mother of millions, or Kalanchoe delagoensis, also called the chandelier plant, is a perennial succulent native to Madagascar. In this succulent plant care guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about mother of millions plants. From basics like water, light, and fertilizer, to how to prune and propagate them, you’ll soon feel like a pro. With its fast-growing nature, you can enjoy the unique foliage and flowers both indoors as a houseplant and outside.
2 seed trays with seedlings over an image of seedlings in pots and trays out on an outdoor patio Seeds, Prune, Hardened
How to Harden Seedlings Before Transplanting Outside (plus, when to move seedlings outside!)
Hardening off seedlings is a critical step in successfully growing seeds indoors, and it’s one that many new gardeners miss. In this guide, I’ll explain what it means and why it’s important. I’ll also tell you when to put seedlings outside and show you exactly how to harden off seedlings, step-by-step.
a big green bucket of soil mix with a scoop Succulent Potting Mix, Potting Soil, Potting Mixture, Repotting Plants, Garden Soil Mix, Herbs Indoors, Best Soil For Succulents, Growing Plants Indoors, Succulent Soil
How to Make DIY Houseplant Soil (budget-friendly soil recipe and instructions!)
Making your own homemade indoor potting soil may sound difficult, but it’s actually super simple! This mix only has three ingredients and is perfect to use for growing houseplants. I’m going to show you exactly how to make an all-purpose DIY houseplant potting mix. So, if that is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place. This DIY houseplant soil recipe is both easy and budget-friendly!
How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Houseplants, For Good! (step-by-step guide)
Spider mites are one of the most destructive plant pests there is, so it’s super important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. When it comes to getting rid of bugs on houseplants, these guys are pretty easy to control. In this detailed pest control guide, I’ll show you all you need to know about getting rid of spider mites on houseplants and keep them from ever coming back through all-natural, non-toxic pest control methods.
a ton of baby seedlings in seed starting pots under an image of seedlings being thinned out by cutting some away Weeding, Beginners, Grow Strong
How and When to Thin Seedlings (detailed guide for beginners!)
Learning how to thin them out is a very important part of successful seedling care. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. In this detailed guide, I will walk you through everything, step by step. Thinning seedlings is important to grow strong and healthy plants that have a higher success rate after being transplanted into your garden. I'll show you how to thin out seedlings in 4 easy steps!
The Ultimate Aloe Vera Plant Care Guide (everything you need to know!)
In this detailed plant care guide, I will show you everything you need to know to successfully care for your aloe vera plant, from watering, light, and soil, to pest control, fertilizer, and much more! Aloe vera plants are easy to care for. They make wonderful houseplants, or you can grow them outside. With the proper care, your aloe plant will thrive for years to come!
the words holiday gifts that help gardeners stay organized and tidy
Holiday Gift Ideas That Helo Gardeners Stay Organized and Tidy
Is there a gardener on your holiday or Christmas gift list this year? You can't go wrong with buying them items to keep their tools and supplies organized. Help your garderner keep their shed or garage organized by gifting them just what they need to clear the clutter and get their gardening tools and supplies neatly organized and out of the way!