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Bland Marvel Headcanons

blandmarvelheadcanons: “ Natasha and Clint love Once Upon A Time. Nat’s favorite is Rumplestiltskin and Clint’s is Baelfire.


That time "Agents of SHIELD" said that the reason Hydra waited 70 years to return is because no dared to make a move while Peggy Carter was in charge. This confirms Peggy as a Boss

Well, #ProfessionalCuddler And honestly I would help him anyway I could. Hugs are awesome.

*sits by him and cuddles him* BUCKY: Wow you are the worst at this *is teasing* ME: *rolls my eyes and laughs*

Tony regrets it because Bruce won't budge once he starts watching an episode?

I want to Darcy so bad. My mother agrees that her and I are practically the same person anyway and if my mother actually agrees with me then we know the accuracy of my claim.

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel Headcanons <<< I literally gasped so quietly when I read this. Thanks for all the feels Snow Queen.

the asgard one in age of ultron was

When Kurt’s parents came to visit the institute, he asked Rogue to take his hand so she could be able to communicate with them.

AWWW....Headcanon accepted

Bland Marvel Headcanons: YES! I love this because when I watched Captain America: the First Avenger I was wondering what Tony would do if he got his hands on such tapes *laughs and cries* - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Bland Marvel Headcanons

“ The Avengers have been known to spend the odd weekend at comic-cons. Clint and Tony are infamous for cosplaying as other members of the team. Peter always goes as Spiderman.