Wedding lighting.

If you have a pool at your wedding try doing a version of this. You don't have to do as many if you have a small pool. Even a small pond you could do something with floating candles.

Mindaribba House wedding | Wedding photographer | James Frost | Wollongong | Southern highlands | Destination Wedding photographer | Fiji we...

Country Charm / Dallas & Chelsea's Springtime Splendour Wedding / Photography by James Frost / View on The LANE

All around the grounds

Wave Hill Wedding by Daughter of Design + Hatch Creative Studio + Christian Oth Studio

Polo Club - Richmond

Sydney's newest country wedding venue, Sydney Polo Club , will be opening it's doors on Saturday 13 July for an inaugural wedding open day.

Tim Walker - Balloons

Everything is contrived; nothing is real

tim walker 4 (by Claire) I want my house to be like this, except we pick up the balloons after so they won’t end up in the ocean and eventually a sea turtles stomach. - tim walker 4 (by Claire) I want my house to be.