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It's certainly the simplest Game of Thrones Khaleesi hairstyle of the show thus far. Therefore, before you begin to explain what khaleesi hairstyle you need remember to determine whether you are interested in having a fringe.

Jon Snow (6x9 "Battle of the Bastards")

The King in the North The baby that Lyanna Stark held in her arms as she lay dying in the Tower of Joy? That was Jon Snow. He’s not Ned Stark’s bastard. He’s Ned Stark’s nephew. The quick cut between that baby’s face and Kit Harington’s pout should put

Zuko & Katara Avatar the last airbender

paintedfirelady: ““ And clouds full of fear And storms full of sorrow That won’t disappear Just typhoons and monsoons This impossible year ” Have some slow dance-melancholic Zutara I made while listening to this song on repeat ”