The Judge

We made this because we found this awesome close knit fishnet style fabric that drapes and falls really nicely, and needed a sweet long top so that all the shar

Fear & Loathing in BrisVegas Leggings

Composition: Polyester, SpandexWashing: Cold hand wash onlyMade in: Australia

Caterpillar Swimsuit

Do you like butterflies? Anyone who doesn't is obviously a terrible person. They probably hate kittens too. But I digress. My point is that there would be no butterflies if it wasn't for cater

The Shredder Leggings

Ever wake up and think "gee I wish my legs looked like I'd put them through a shredder. But I don't have a shredder. These slightly risque wetlook leggings are for those exact days.

Spartan Wallpaper Shiny Shiny Leggings

You can be the most fabulous warrior in the world! Composition: Nylon, ElastaneWashing: Cold hand wash onlyDesigner: James LillisMade in: Australia

Sick of Men Skirt

‘Tetris’ Leggings, Comic Strip Dresses And Galaxy Skirts From Black Milk Clothing

Mechanical Suspenders

In a world where biomechanical creatures rule the world and humans are being hunted toward extinction, the only way to survive is to blend in. During The Nylon Wars, an alliance between an Australian designe