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Hot Rod garage for your classic cars #garage #classiccars

Hot Rod garage for your classic cars brought to you by agents of at in Eugene, Oregon

Hazel Carter dressed as a man to follow her soldier husband John overseas into WWI.  She was sent home when the disguise was revealed.  Hazel died in 1918, while John was still overseas.

Hazel Carter donned an Army unifort to stay with her soldier husband. She stowed away on a ship set for France, but was discovered and sent home.

The 1938 Phantom Corsair

Funny pictures about The 1938 Phantom Corsair. Oh, and cool pics about The 1938 Phantom Corsair. Also, The 1938 Phantom Corsair photos.

The Flying Dutchman was on it's way home from the Far East in 1641 when a violent storm blew up. While battling the storm for hours the ship eventually hit a huge rock and began to sink. As his ship went down the captain shouted, “I will round this Cape even if I have to keep sailing until doomsday!” True to his word, the Flying Dutchman makes an appearance to sailors near the Cape of Good Hope in the midst of a storm. Legend has it that if you see the Dutchman you are as doomed as it was.

The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. The myth is likely to have originated from nautical folklore. The oldest extant version dates to the late century.

John Thomson, inventor of, yes, the Tommy gun.

The Newport Gangsters - started as a fundraiser to take students on service trips the Gangster Tour went on to be named the best tour in the City by Cincinnati Magazine and the top ten attraction in Kentucky by Southern Living Magazine.