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a woman riding on the back of a white horse across a dry grass covered field
This pic says a lot to me about my brand. Running bareback and bareback on my horse but in white pants and a blouse :)
a dog that is looking at the camera through a frame with it's eyes wide open
You're going to meet Milo sooner than later, so thought I'd throw him on here just for fun :)
some tickets sitting on top of a wooden table
My wedding invitation. loved the gold, chocolate, cream and again, just giving you bits of my style.
a bunch of flowers that are sitting on a table
My wedding flowers. Super bright and beautiful and wild among farm tables and moss.
an arrangement of white flowers and greenery in a vase
wedding stationery with flowers and pinecones on display for guests to write their names
This was from the entry table at my wedding. Showing you things from my wedding just since it was another time I really looked at fonts and colors and textures I love. I liked these two fonts together. Again, bark, moss, wood next to expensive paper and gold. I think the wedding stuff is a bit too pastel and romantic. I get the site needs a bit more edge and to be a bit more modern than these pics.
an old room with paintings on the wall
Just an artist studio I love! Wood, stone, color
an orange chair in front of a window with a painting on the wall behind it
This is another painting and chair in my office that I often film in. Again, I don't see these as the color of the site but would be nice to compliment.
an open brown box on the floor with papers in it
Ashes and snow ( is my favorite art exhibit of all time. Love the water, the elephants, the natural fabrics, the connection between innocence and the earth.
a bird's nest sits on top of a table next to a figurine
This is a white stone table in my living room that makes me really happy. It is a very refined, polished, beautiful white stone. I love this brass woman sitting on it (handmade, earthy colors). The birds nest was part of the centerpiece from my wedding.
a pink painting hanging on the wall
this is a painting in my office I love. It ends up in the background of a lot of my videos. I'm not normally a pink girl and don't see that as a ket color of the site but it would be nice if these bright paintings looked good in what we choose.
the text is written in black ink on a white background
A font we were playing with...
an email postcard with photos of people and fireworks
this was our Christmas card we sent out this year
two pictures of the same bathroom in different rooms
20+ Cool Showers for Contemporary Homes - World of Architecture
I LOVE this bathroom. This mix of earth/natural elements and elegance