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a room with a round rug on the floor and a table in the middle that is surrounded by rocks
GRT Architects
Don Angie
the inside of a building with concrete walls
a lush flora engulfs tatiana bilbao's monolithic marine research center in mexico
a very long hallway with many wine bottles hanging from it's walls and lights on the ceiling
Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine
the clock is reflecting in the glass surface
Your 2021 Interior Design Lookbook – Winning Interior Projects from the A’ Design Award - Yanko Design
a dining room with tables and chairs in front of green wallpapered walls, along with an oval table set for four
Zonars café bar restaurant by k-studio, Athens – Greece
Zonars restaurant by k-studio, Athens – Greece » Retail Design Blog
a purple couch sitting in front of a blue wall with a drawing on the wall
an open door leading into a room with neon lights
W Dubai- The Palm in the United Arab Emirates: The Top 50 Luxury Hotel Openings of 2019
the inside of a bar with red lighting
moulin rouge
on broadway
an empty stage with lots of lights and drapes on the curtained area in front of it
Pendant lamps - Santa & Cole
The Cirio system was devised with the aim of using LED technology for gentle lighting in public areas, and was inspired by the majestic lamps in the world's great mosques. Its versatile structure allows for differing diameters to produce a range of formats. The circular structures can be combined to create rich compositions.
a man in a suit is sitting at a table
This two Michelin-star restaurant in Italy features a bar lounge immersed in blue and neon orange light
an empty room with blue lighting and circular counter
Planet One
a large red door in the middle of a room that is shaped like a keyhole
Chaumet Gets Loved-Up With New Paris Exhibition