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Debbie Harry. Love the multi colored hair

Debbie Harry, iconic rock chick with trademark peroxide blonde hair. It was darker underneath at the back. She said in an interview that this was because she did it herself and couldn't reach that part

Oh, Iggy and Debbie... Those were the days.  Photographer Bob Gruen's best shot

Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry Backstage - Toronto, Canada, 1977 Bob Gruen, Rock and Roll Photographer - Blondie Photos

Debbie Harry has always been one of my more bold beauty inspirations. There's…

Debbie In 1978 I started High School and Blondie was really starting to become an Icon. Growing up in Chicago, Ill U constantly had to E X P L A I N to my peers Debbie Harrys name was not Blondie, thery never understood. I still Love Blondie