Upper body training

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an exercise machine with two wheels attached to it
Detailed view of the ATX® Pec Fly Combo - Butterfly reverse
For more information about this outstanding training device, please contact your ATX® dealer. Inquire with him now!
the body - solid home gym machine is shown in black and silver with blue handles
ATX® Pec Fly Combo - Butterfly reverse
Combo device for training the chest muscles and the side and back shoulder muscles. The ATX® Pec Fly Combo offers an excellent training feeling thanks to first-class biomechanics and high-quality components. Ball-bearing weight carriage, rotating handles and ball-bearing eccentric arms ensure a smooth and smooth exercise process. Extra large range of motion and 5-way adjustable range limiter setting enable optimal adjustment of the start/end position. The horizontal and two vertical handle positions allow you to precisely target the desired muscle area. Ask your ATX® dealer now for further details about this device.