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two large white hands reaching out of the water
👐 Escultura de mãos em Veneza de Lorenzo Quinn . Confira mais matérias de #engenharia e #arquitetura ▶
a sculpture made out of wood and metal with a hook in the middle that is holding an object
Seyo Cizmic
a person's hand reaching out from behind a gold framed mirror on the wall
Toddler mimicking adults on the phone is an adorable mirror we’re not ready to look into
three sculptures are displayed in a room with white walls and wooden floors, one is holding a large piece of wood
two metal deer head hooks on a white wall
sosteniendo velas y cera , molde de mis manos
an artistic sculpture sitting on top of a wooden chair covered in vines and twigs,
Italian Artist Sasha Vinci’s Haunting and Carnal Multimedia Works - Hi-Fructose Magazine
Sicily, Italy based artist Sasha Vinci creates haunting sculptures and installations that contemplate the nature of man’s existence.
there is a statue that looks like a woman holding a plant
a statue laying on the ground in front of a wall with sticks sticking out of it
a bronze statue of a person sitting on top of a rock with their head in his hands
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