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These expensive woodworking tools pay for themselves in accuracy and efficiency. I’ve been building custom furniture for many years and, like most of you, I’ve acquired my woodworking tools as I can afford them. The tools in this list might seem expensive, quirky, and even redundant, but stay with me and I’ll prove their worth.

Seth Keller introduces you to five different expensive woodworking tools - two types of squares, a pocket block plane, a palm router, and special saws.

A poster for kids about success and what it takes to achieve it: effort, growth mindset, learning, persistence, etc.

The Big Life Journal is the world's first growth mindset journal for kids. It teaches perseverance, grit, self-belief, positive thinking, and more.

Character Growth Card

We figure prominently about our work on the development of character strengths in Paul Tough’s book on non-cognitive capacities and their influence on performance, especially in schools.