To Sweden

Collection by Aurora Hill

Aurora Hill
Storkyrkobadet – Stockholm, Sweden - Atlas Obscura


A hidden bathhouse in one of Stockholm's oldest and busiest neighborhoods is open to anyone who can find it.

Museum of Failure – Helsingborg, Sweden - Atlas Obscura

Museum of Failure

Discover Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, Sweden: From Coke II to Google Glass, this exhibit features some of the most spectacular commercial flops.

Stockholm Metro Art Gallery – Stockholm, Sweden - Atlas Obscura

Stockholm Metro Art Gallery

Stockholm's decidedly unique public transit system has doubled as the world's longest art gallery for decades.

Sala Silver Mine Hotel Suite – Sala, Sweden - Atlas Obscura

A Hotel Suite in a Silver Mine 500 Feet Underground

This luxury hotel suite is located deep in the bowels of an old mine.

Birthplace of the Stockholm Syndrome – Stockholm, Sweden - Atlas Obscura

Birthplace of the Stockholm Syndrome

Now a hotel, this former bank was the site of a robbery that spawned a psychological phenomenon.

The Nose Academy – Lund, Sweden - Atlas Obscura

The Nose Academy

One hundred plaster casts of Scandinavian proboscises.

Säter Museum of Mental Health – Säter, Sweden - Atlas Obscura

Säter Museum of Mental Health

A museum dedicated to the history of psychiatric treatment featuring a gallery of art made by patients.

Icehotel – Kiruna, Sweden - Atlas Obscura


The world's first ice hotel is still one of the most elaborate and beautiful.