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Aussie Bee's favourite images, articles and resources about our spectacular Australian native bees. Well known types include stingless bees, blue banded bees, teddy bear bees, resin bees leafcutters, carpenter bees and masked bees.

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Wild Pollinator Count - dedicate 10 minutes to helping document Australia’s wild pollinators by choosing a flowering plant, watching it for 10 minutes, and recording what you see. Photography Workshops, Macro Photography, Stingless Bees, Carpenter Bee, Citizen Science, Teacher Books, Nature Study, Science Projects, Counting

Wild Pollinator Count

Australia has lots of wild pollinator insects that are often overlooked. European honey bees get a lot of attention because they are an adaptable, generalist forager, which means they are happy to visit almost any flower, in most climate zones. They are also a social species, so their hives are easy to domesticate and manage.…

Video of Austroplebeia cincta stingless bee queen - by Aussie Bee. Stingless Bees, Carpenter Bee, Butterflies, Australia, Queen, Food, Worker Bee, Essen, Butterfly

Video of the New Cincta Stingless Bees

Close up footage of an Austroplebeia cinta queen - never before captured on video

There are an estimated native bee species in Australia , about 230 of which are found in the greater Brisbane region. Most of these are solitary bee species , which don't make honey and nest. Bumble Bee Insect, Stingless Bees, Buzzy Bee, Carpenter Bee, Beautiful Bugs, Brisbane, Nativity, Nest, Insects

Brisbane Bees

There are 1650 + native be e species in Australia (estimated total 2000+), about 230 of which are found in the greater Brisbane region. Most of these are solitary or semi-social bee species , which...

A resin-rich stingless bee brood comb - by BeeAwareBrisbane. Stingless Bees, Carpenter Bee, Bee Keeping, Resin, Australia, Food, Worker Bee, Essen, Meals

Bee Aware Brisbane

Bee Aware Brisbane is an organisation devoted to raising awareness of Australia's native bees and other native pollinators, to rescue them from popular misconceptions that contribute to their neglect.

Ebook version of this native bee field guide is available from Aussie Bee website. Biodynamic Gardening, Stingless Bees, Sydney, Bee Book, Carpenter Bee, Market Garden, Earthship, Field Guide, Edible Garden

Native Bee Field Guide eBook

Expand your knowledge of Australian native bees with our Information Booklets (incl Introduction to Native Bees, Boxing and Splitting Hives, Nests and Behaviour of Stingless Bees) and Field Guide.

Like to protect and support our Australian native bees? Plant a bee-friendly garden, set up a Bee Hotel, reduce insecticide use, contribute to surveys and spread the word on our vital pollinators! Dragonfly Insect, Insect Art, Stingless Bees, List Of Flowers, Carpenter Bee, Bee Friendly, Bee Art, Local Parks, Australian Animals

Which Native Bees Live in Your Area?

Read about the major types of Australian native bees and find out if they are in your part of Australia - Stingless Bees, Carpenter Bees, Blue Banded Bees, Leafcutters, Resin Bees, Teddy Bear bees, Homalictus and more.

Australian blue banded bee - photo by Aussie Bee. Bees In House, Stingless Bees, Next Flowers, Carpenter Bee, Bee Photo, I Love Bees, Bee Tattoo, Picture Tattoos, Tattoo Pics

Blue Banded Bee (Amegilla)

A blue banded bee, Amegilla, showing off her beautiful iridescent furry stripes

Beautiful Austroplebeia cincta stingless bees on the edge of the Daintree rainforest in far north Queensland. Stingless Bees, Types Of Bees, Working Bee, Australian Native Garden, Dragonfly Insect, Buzzy Bee, Black Bee, Carpenter Bee, Insect Hotel

Austroplebeia cincta stingless bees

Aussie Bee investigates a new species of Australian stingless bee found in the rainforest of far north Queensland

teddy bear bee - Australian native bee - I've noticed a few strange bees in our garden lately and I'm sure this is it, really bright orange and very loud buzz - how good is that! our own little teddy bear! Stingless Bees, Carpenter Bee, Bee Photo, I Love Bees, Bee Do, Bees And Wasps, Australian Animals, Australian Insects, Australian Bush

Teddy Bear Bee (Amegilla)

Do you have a real teddy bear's picnic in your garden? Protect these charming, chubby bees!