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the sky is reflecting in the water and clouds are reflected on the water, while palm trees line the shore
Hows the serenity? This is the view from the front of our cute little Hoi An home in the rural Tra Que area. Its all rice paddies tilapia farms and wallowing water buffalo out of way and its gorgeous!
an airplane wing flying over a mountain range
Tanzania gave @adventuresaroundasia and I are fitting farewell yesterday. Soaring over Kilimanjaro was a bittersweet way to reflect on what has been three often challenging but never boring months in East Africa. Next stop: Thailand!
a cup of coffee next to a napkin and spoon in a blue tray on a table
Zanzibar is sometimes known as Spice Island so a visit would be incomplete without a spiced coffee! We stopped by Beach House today for a light lunch and a delicious cinnamon coffee. Now to steal their wifi and get some work done!
a man standing on top of a blue boat in the ocean next to an island
Lunch today is at Zanzibars famous Rock Restaurant. While its possible to walk out to the restaurant at low tide its necessary to take a boat at high tide. Not a bad spot for lunch and a cocktail!
several bowls of food are arranged on a colorful tablecloth with spoons and utensils
Yesterday Richelle and I tried our hand at cooking traditional Zanzibari cuisine at one of the local spice plantations. Slaving away in the heat and humidity we helped to whip up a feast of fresh salad fried fish banana stew spiced rice and curry! Its always a good idea to try the local food but I think cooking it is an even better window into the local culture.
a sailboat is out on the water at sunset with people walking along the beach
Greetings from gorgeous Stone Town Zanzibar! Our Arusha plans hit a rainy season hiccup so weve slipped across to Shadows of Africas new Zanzibar office for a few weeks of sun hotel visits and gorgeous sunsets.
a city with buildings and mountains in the background
Welcome to Arusha: Tanzanias Safari capital! Richelle and I are visiting my home away from home for the next three months as I work from @shadowsofafricas office. Our first few days have been spent in downtown Arusha where our budget hotel has this stunning view of Mt. Meru. Wish you were here!
a person holding up a wine glass in front of a pond and golf course on a sunny day
Heres to you California! SoCal life is definitely agreeing with us! We spent the day browsing the College of the Desert Street Fair and now were enjoying a nice rosé out on the deck before we enjoy a happy hour out at Cliff House La Quinta.
an aerial view of the desert with mountains in the distance and blue skies above it
Our base for the next month or so is Palm Desert in California where were spending some time with @adventuresaroundasia s folks. This view from the Coachella Valley Vista Point shows how the city is an oasis in the desert and were certainly enjoying our days of swimming pools wine by the fire pit and eating healthier.
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a vineyard at sunset
Yesterday @adventuresaroundasia and I celebrated by Valentines Day in the gorgeous Temecula wine country. After a day of wine tastings I got down on bended knee shortly after sunset and asked her to marry me. She said yes! I dont know if Im ever going to be able to top such a magical Valentines Day but I get to spend the rest of my life trying!
the sky is dark and cloudy over the beach
Newcastle has always been a kind of home away from home for me. Growing up wed spend school holidays and Christmas visiting grandparents hanging out with cousins shopping and spending time on beaches like Dudley Redhead Newcastle Dixon Park and Merewether (pictured). Hell I learned how to swim at Speers Point pool! Farewelling Australia (again) wouldnt have felt right without swinging through Newie to see family soak in the sun and pay a visit to wine country.
a person sitting on a bench near the water
Saying goodbye to family is never easy but we did it in style tonight with a dinky-di meal of fish and chips on one of Australias most gorgeous beaches: Merewether. While it was windy as all hell and a tad chilly we made the most of the gorgeous sunset and the chance to hang out with my nephews and niece before we jet off on Monday.
an aerial view of the sydney opera on a sunny day with blue sky and clouds
Were officially back on the road again after two months of much needed rest and family time in rural Australia. We spent today playing tourist in Sydney and catching up with old friends. Speaking of old friends Ive missed this view from my daily commute! I might not miss the job but Sydney Harbour holds a special place in my heart.
the sun is setting behind a large tree
Can you guess where I will be going after my upcoming US trip? Unbelievably excited to be sharing this gorgeous African gem with @adventuresaroundasia!
the sun shines brightly over an ocean with boats in the water and hills behind it
Richelle and I wandered up Muttonbird Island here in Coffs Harbour yesterday to take in this stunning view of the city and Jetty Beach. It was a day to catch up with one of my oldest friends and we celebrated with beers fresh seafood and a little ice cream as our reward for surviving the climb.