Techniques used for space exploration are being applied to cancer research to identify common biomarkers and improve early diagnosis strategies.

“NASA: Space & cancer research both face challenges of finding meaning in data. We've teamed up: …”

Fluid-Based Biomarkers Found Highly Predictive of Diagnosis and Prognosis in…

Latest prostate cancer news, articles, research and treatment study results for oncology nurses to assist in delivering updated patient care for prostatic carcinoma.

Application of Proteomics Tools in Breast Cancer Research: Biomarker Discovery for Diagnosis and Prognosis

Dental Implants and Adequate Bone Volume

New biomarkers for ovarian cancer: OVA1 and ROMA in diagnosis

The optimal management of a woman with an ovarian adnexal mass remains a clinical challenge to obstetricians, gynecologists, and other providers who care for women.

Austin Publishing Group: Austin Biomarkers & Diagnosis

Austin Publishing Group: Austin Biomarkers & Diagnosis

It provides easy access to high quality Manuscripts covering aspects of measure and evaluation to examine normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention.

January AIDS Disease Treatment: These anti-HIV proteins, called cnidarins, have been discovered among thousands of samples of natural products.