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Becoming a Visa Sponsor for your Partner

However, not all people will be eligible to sponsors their partners. There are circumstances where a sponsor may be precluded from being an eligible sponsor. This can be for a number of reasons, previously sponsoring two or more partner visa applicants, or being sponsored themselves for this visa within

Inviting A Thai Girlfriend for Visa Application

What is it? What visa application does it apply to? You and your Thai girlfriend may get to the stage where you would like her to spend some time with you in Australia. There could be many reasons for this: you may want her to meet some of your

Including Relatives in an Australian Partner Visa

Can my Thai wife include other dependant relatives in her Australian partner visa application? Dependant relatives This is a question that is often asked and causes some confusion. Particularly as Thai culture places such a large emphasis and importance on the family unit. It is not uncommon in Thailand

A Buddhist Wedding and the Marriage Visa

Buddhist marriage visa I am not married to my partner in the formal sense, however, my girlfriend and I did have a Buddhist wedding ceremony in Thailand. Does this count towards getting an Australian spouse visa? Buddhist marriage ceremonies Generally, there is no confusion when it comes to

What to do if Fiance Australian Visa is Refused

Every foreign national need a visa to enter Australia. For people from most countries, even for a Tourist visa, applicants are required to fill in a paper application and submit supporting documentation. This includes countries like Thailand, the Philippines, India, and mainland China. In this case, let's talk about

Including Family Member in Aus Visa Application

Many people often ask the question and in most cases, the answer is ‘Yes, you can.’ A common example of this is a partner visa applicant including their children from a previous relationship with their application – this is referred to as making a combined visa application. In a

Partner Visa Relationship Breakdown Case

If you are a sponsor and your partner visa relationship breakdown, then you must notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) as soon as reasonably possible. This obligation extends to even before the visa is granted. So if you lodge your sponsorship with the application, and the relationship

How to Get a Prospective Marriage Visa Australia

Are you planning to get married to an Australian citizen, or a qualified New Zealand citizen? Well, the Prospective Marriage visa Australia should be your ideal option.