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Three Capes & Tasman Peninsula Hike - 4 Day Self-Guided Walk

Walk the Three Capes and Tasman Peninsula with Auswalk. 4 day self guided walk. Walk pack free, eat well & stay in comfort. Nearly 30 yrs experience.


Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair Walk - 6 Day Self Guided - Pack-Free!

Walk the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair with Auswalk - pack-free! Learn more about our Cradle Mountain hike and book your next walk with us.

The Tasman Peninsula is famous for the Three Capes Track walk and its’ dramatic coastline of sea caves and towering sea stacks, the highest vertical sea cliffs in Australia. We get to wander over the 180 million-year-old dolerite columns and a lot more as we explore on foot the Tasman Peninsula National Park.

Three Capes & The Tasman Peninsula Walk - 4 Day Guided Walk

Walk the Three Capes & The Tasman Peninsula. 4 Day Guided Walk. Nearly 30 yrs experience. Expert guides. Walk pack free, eat well & stay in comfort.

Walk among Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness, the largest tract of unbroken cool-temperate rainforest remaining in the Southern Hemisphere. This 65-million-year-old forest houses hidden gems and ancient relics including tree species that exist elsewhere only as fossils.

Tarkine Walks - 5 Day Group Guided Tarkine Wilderness Walking Tour

Get the latest tarkine walks and tarkine wilderness walks from Auswalk - the specialists in walking holidays and hiking tours. Book online today.

Boasting large tracts of World Heritage area, Tasmanian wilderness hiking takes you through the last great temperate rainforest. Approximately 20% of the entire state is World Heritage listed. Huon pines, some of the oldest trees in the world grow here, some more than 2000 years old. We’ll walk through isolated rainforests, alpine meadows studded with a sparkling mosaic of crystal-clear lakes, wild rivers and rugged mountains. Here, unspoiled beauty abounds in all directions.

Tasmanian Wilderness Walks - 8 Day Group Guided Walking Tour

At Auswalk, we have the best Tasmanian Wilderness walks in Australia. Learn more about our Tasmanian Wilderness hiking and book your next holiday with us.

This is literally a walker’s paradise, with mountains, forests, and incredible beaches at every turn. To put it simply, the diversity of walking here is astonishing. A visit to the remote and mostly uninhabited Flinders Island is like stepping back in time. The pace of life here is slower, the locals friendlier, and the air, perhaps the cleanest in the world.

Flinders Island | 5 day fully supported group guided walk | Auswalk

Explore Flinders Island over 5 days on a fully supported walking tour. Enjoy local produce, secluded ensuite accommodation, walk carrying only a day pack.

A visit to the remote and mostly uninhabited Flinders Island is like stepping back in time. The pace of life here is slower, the locals friendlier, and the air, perhaps the cleanest in the world. Imagine the Bay of Fires meets Wilsons Promontory, and it’s no wonder this was all part of the same mountain range when Tasmania was still joined to the mainland.

Flinders Island Walk - 7 Day Group Guided Flinders Island Walks

Walk Flinders Island with Auswalk. 7 Day Group Guided tour. Nearly 30 yrs experience. Expert Guides. Eat well & stay in comfort.

Start the journey off at the Bay of Fires, one of Australia’s most startling natural wonders renowned for its magnificent outcrops of pink granite, orange lichen boulders, breathtaking white beaches and azure blue skies. This remote corner of Tasmania’s unfettered coastline is also teeming with wildlife making the walking here an absolute delight.

Bay of Fires, Frerycinet, Three Capes & more - 7 day group guided walk

Walk Bay of Fires, Freycinet, Three Capes & WIneglass Bay Pack Free with Auswalk. Operating for almost 30 years. Enquire or book online today.

Immerse yourself in the splendid isolation of Tasmania on the Bay of Fires walk, famous for crystal-clear waters, pristine white beaches and orange lichen-covered granite boulders.

Bay of Fires & Freycinet Walk - 4 Day Group Guided Bay of Fires Walk

Walk the Bay of Fires & Freycinet pack free. With almost 30 years experience, we ensure you have a great experience that includes great accomodation and food.