We have shared arm knitting projects before, but we absolutely adore this particular on. It takes the arm-knitting trend to a whole new level. can you knit me this?

Chunky knitted blanket

i want this blanket or this yarn so much! This blanket would knit up sooo fast with giant knitting needles or even by arm knitting!


ZOMG I need to find the pattern for this - Lady Marion Spice Brown Hood Super Soft Wool Hooded Cowl Hand Knit Cabled Hat Hood - My DIY Tips

making a Big Scarf

Big Knit Scarves and some seriously crazy needles.and some seriously crazy 'yarn'? Looks like recycled blue jean "yarn"

chunky throw

Chunky Knit Ombre Throw

would love to cozy up in this around the house. Chunky Knit British Wool Throw by GraphiteHandKnit on Etsy,

Super chunky knit sweater

Oversized knitted sweater - Experiment with knit for my project