Autonoe Green

Autonoe Green

Autonoe Green
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Violet and green/yellow

Complements: Yellow-Green and Red-Violet Make sure the intensities of the tones you use are balanced. In this kitchen, the pale yellow-green trim and pantry door meet their match in the subdued reddish-violet paint on the walls.

Curtain Illusion

Curtain Illusion Introduce luxury with gorgeous drapes. Hanging several sets of drapes along a wall it also gives the illusion that there are windows hidden behind the drapes. Also I love this bed set!

curtains for nooks

Turn awkward home features in your favor. Tap odd corners or narrow closets for storage or a cozy seating area for one. In this living room, two narrow nooks provide storage for office and crafts supplies, and curtains can be drawn to conceal the spaces.