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yep<><> Yes:) but he doesn't like me back and idk hw to tell him so, ya, that's that:)<<<< idk if he likes me or not. he doesnt talk to me tho hes in my science and math class and i sit right by but IDK>> he likes me back

I don't even know what to say about this. This is not okay. But he is in heaven and know he can rest... R.I.P. Little man c: ♡

STOP BULLYING RIP, only double tap if you are on anything with tapping to like the picture.

Repin and sign your name if you care. Arlette> Marla>Murphynesss> Sophia>help.>Hailey>Tatum>MadisonJael>Catayila>✨Kennedy✨>The Carer >Taylor>Sammy>Taylor>Kelsey>Indi> Autumn>Bethany>Natalie>Abby (Don't take you life! Stay in this world as long as God plans for you to!)>>Mel>Ginger☺️>♡Sara♡>Lilli (hang in there!)>>Shelby>> Giorgia (love you girl, stay strong :))

>Hailey>Tatum>MadisonJael>Catayila>✨Kennedy✨>The Carer >Taylor>Sammy>Taylor>Kelsey>Indi> Autumn>Jennifer

I care a lot about this I don't care what anyone SATs thus is important

Moment of silence. My cousin Ryan committed suicide almost two years ago. Fly high Ryan Aultman I love and miss you dearly!


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