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Arina Altushkina, Russia, 2015

Printable activity (student handout) for Marathon Challenge Maths Day, Children Games, Absolute Zero, Negative Numbers, States Of Matter, Classroom Door, Physical Science, Math Lessons, Kids Learning

NOVA | Teachers | Absolute Zero | Student Handout: Calibrating Your Thermometer

Printable activity (student handout) for Marathon Challenge

Anders Celsius - was a astronomer, physicist and mathematician noted for developing the temperature scale used in almost all scientific work. Carl Linnaeus, Isaac Newton, Carl Von Linné, Science Trivia, Uppsala University, Scientific Revolution, Facts For Kids, Extraordinary People, People Of Interest

Anders Celsius created his temperature scale with 100 degrees at freezing and 0 degrees at boiling.

 Science uses Kenvin to express the start of the scale at absolute the coldest temperature we know of. Visual Dictionary, Study Board, Basic Tools, To Infinity And Beyond, Physical Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Scale
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Kelvin Temperature Scale - Windows to the Universe

Kelvin Temperature Scale

Escalas termométricas: Kelvin, Fahrenheit e Celsius. Physics Topics, British Inventors, Absolute Zero, Negative Numbers, Ocean Current, Meteorology, Good Company, Elementary Schools, Chemistry
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Kelvin Temperature Scale: Facts and History

Kelvin is useful in scientific applications because there are no negative numbers. The lowest temperature on the scale is 0 K.

The carbon cycle explained - Ecology - Channels - Explania - Animated Explanations Science Classroom, Teaching Science, Science Education, Science For Kids, Earth Science, Life Science, Science Tools, Science Videos, Carbon Cycle

NASA: The Carbon Cycle [720p]

Carbon is the basic building block of life, and these unique atoms are found everywhere on Earth. Carbon makes up Earth's plants and animals, and is also sto...