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The AX2 Studio inspirational references of house photographs.
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the house is surrounded by tall grass and trees
ENJOY LIFE ON THE QUIET — @carouve ich geh ja mal stark davon aus, dass du...
a modern house with black and white siding
Northcote House by Project 12 Architecture | HomeAdore
Northcote House by Project 12 Architecture | HomeAdore
an image of a house that is on the instagramture page for real estate
Projects - Elwood Residence
the house is made out of brick and has black slats on it's sides
Caroline's contrasting material palette creates a tale of two houses
a person standing in front of a black house with trees and bushes on the side
A modern barn-inspired family home in Camberwell
the building has many balconies on it's sides and is very modern
Multi Residential Architecture | Architecture & Design
Contemporary Sydney Terrace design with Bricks. Rethinking street corners and conversation starters with sensuous brick curves: Eve Apartments by DKO Architecture | Architecture And Design
a house that is sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a large tree
Home that appeared in Black Mirror and Gold Digger is up for sale
an indoor swimming pool with glass walls and doors leading to the outside area, surrounded by trees
Beauty Spa
Indoor pool - villa in Ghent, Belgium by Dirk Heveraet architect