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{Forgiveness Object Lesson} 1. Make 2 planes hiding a penny in one. 2. They will look the same but not fly the same. Ask the children to look them over and figure out why. 3.Explain "the airplanes are like us and the penny is when we hold a grudge.  A grudge is when we hold bad feelings inside of us because something someone did or said to us.  These feelings can weigh us down and keep us from flying high."  Col 3:13, Matt 6:14-15, Matt 18:2-1:22  {Credit goes to the Jedi Craft Girl Blog}

Attention Activity: Make 2 paper airplanes that are exactly the same. Ahead of time, tape a penny inside one of the airplanes. Tell the children you are going to demonstrate how well the airplane…

Golden Retriever pups

If you see something more adorable than this today, it’s safe to assume your day is going pretty well. Just a simple video that shows a litter of Golden Retriever puppies playing, and it will put a smile on your face :)