My present being so freakin good helped me lose the bitter. happy to be better not bitter despite the shitty past in my life!

Damn right.

I am fluent in three languages.English, Sarcasm, and Profanity. Funny Sayings and Pictures: The Languages I Speak ('Funny Status')


the problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubt while the stupid people are full of confidence::charles bukowski::

jasper conran's conservatory

Crazy for Conran Country

I love this room. THis is my dream room. LOVE LOVE LOVE The conservatory in Jasper Conran’s country estate, Ven House in Milborne Port, Somerset - as featured in The World of Interiors.


I spent my entire childhood wishing that I was older. Now I'm older and this shit sucks.

Truth. love it :)

Go ahead, judge me.just remember to be perfect the rest of your life- wise words.so little would be said in judgement if we remembered this.

storage closet under loft

Spruce Street Cottage By: Koch Architects, Joanne Koch Tip: Maximize loft space. This cottage makes excellent use of space with a loft reached by a ladder and with built-in cupboards, a sink and closets below.

Teeny cosy balcony... Heaven

Making love in small spaces - love, love, love Parisian rooftops. A sweet rooftop terrace in Paris;

lofty living

White Sofa Design Ideas & Pictures For Living Room has helped you to make your home more stylist and elegant as you want. White sofas create clean, elegant lines in your room.

Single Family House in Zurich Oberland by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architects (AFGH)

Single Family House By Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architects In Zurich Oberland, Switzerland

Like the concrete wall & skylights >>Single Family House By Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architects In Zurich Oberland, Switzerland

by trevor h smith  (via on tumblr)

Some Work by Trevor H Smith These little investigations by Trevor H Smith put a smile on my face, and if nothing else, that’s something worth sharing. Very simple and well executed, and even if Trevor.


proud ant eater, "hell yeeeeea! did you see me eat those ants dawg? I ate the hell outta those ants bro" lol ;