Easter Themed Packaging

Unique and stylish Easter packaging designs
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several boxes with chocolates and candies on a table
Koko Black – Handcrafted Premium Chocolate
упаковка шоколадных конфет – коробка в виде зверей
Введение в тотемизм
упаковка шоколадных конфет – коробка в виде зверей
three boxes with silver foil designs on them
Letterpressed Jackalope (Student Project)
Letterpressed Jackalope (Student Project)
an assortment of different types of chocolates and candies on display in boxes with labels
Luxury Chocolates and Chocolate Gifts | Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolate Easter...I don't know what is more creative the packaging or the chocolate?
an assortment of chocolates with gold foil on them
Amazon.com. Spend less. Smile more.
http://ajiboye.digimkts.com Easy submission to search. Hotel Chocolate Easter #chocolate #packaging #easter
a chocolate covered cake in a blue gift box with a brown ribbon around the top
Chocolate Egg Package / Chocochic http://www.mychocochic.com/
two small boxes with different designs on the front and one has an egg hunt sticker
EASTER 2014 - meri meri
Egg & Character art FOR REFERENCE/INSPIRATION print & pattern blogs: EASTER 2014 - meri meri
four different types of chocolate eggs are shown in the box, each with an egg shaped like a woman's stomach
Last minute Easter Egg shopping? Try 'The Splat' Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat
Sharing some of my favorite Easter packaging. Happy Easter! The splat eggs! PD
four small boxes with different designs and bows on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Stampin' Up! - Mini Hasen Verpackung - Bellas Stempelwelt - Savanne, Kirschblüte, Waldmoos
an egg is shown in three different colors
Troufa Easter Egg Packaging
Troufa Easter Egg packaging design by Luminous Design Group - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2017/03/troufa-easter-egg-packaging.html
three boxes with easter eggs in the grass
Ovos Pintados NUGALI
Easter weekend has come and gone but we simply cannot get enough of Easter eggs, who says that these chocolate-filled treats are only to be eaten on Easter Sunday?
two boxes with eggs in them on top of each other and one box has an egg inside
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a paper bag with a giraffe on it and some candy in front of it
Easter Treat Bags
DIY Easter Treat Bags Tutorial | TodaysCreativeBlog.net
two small boxes with easter decorations on them
Easter Bunny Box & Bag!.....
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 My Sandbox: Easter Bunny Box & Bag!.....Tutorial http://dostamping.typepad.com/dostamping_with_dawn/2012/10/video-stampin-up-mini-treat-tote-box.html