colocasia esculenta 'black magic' grow in pond

leaftypes: beetroots: um i can someone tell me what this gorg plant creature is? wwwoooaaahhh a black Colocasia/taro omg awesome!

Syzygium ‘Resilience Lilly pilly "Resilience" is fast growing

Syzygium ‘Resilience Lilly pilly "Resilience" is fast growing and will grow to a height of around It makes a good trimmed hedge from around to - privacy screen plant after we get back from Bali on low fence side.

Phormium Black Adder at far corner

View picture of Phormium, New Zealand Flax 'Black Adder' (Phormium) at Dave's Garden. All pictures are contributed by our community.

Cordyline fruticosa rubra

Cordyline fruticosa rubra With striking pink/purple foliage this Cordyline is great as a contrast plant against any green understory plant such as Hymenocalis or Ixora's. Full sun/part shade. Very hardy and fast growing, easy to maintain.

Varigated mondo underplant hedge

Varigated mondo brings light into back corner of garden underplanting magnolia little gem