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Thinking about Christmas decor?
I’ve been playing around with different mediums and plants to create some festive art for you!
a wooden frame with flowers in it on top of a table next to a wall
Wattle Bonsai
In a precious little pot, this stylized wattle tree shines. #ModernEmbroidery #StitchedArt #ContemporaryEmbroidery #TextileSculpture #NativePlants #UpcycledArt #TexturedArt
a wooden frame with flowers in it on a table
Bonsai Wattle
New arrival! #ModernEmbroidery #StitchedArt #ContemporaryEmbroidery #TextileSculpture #NativePlants #UpcycledArt #TexturedArt
a person holding up a piece of paper with the words barefoot bouquet written on it
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a blue plate with yellow flowers and leaves on it sitting on a burlap surface
I love working with burlap canvases... Natural, Rustic, Organic, Primal, Unrefined, Raw, Coarse, Textured, Down-to-earth, Grounded #InspiredByNature #AustralianArt #NativePlantsAustralia #NaturesBeauty
some yellow flowers are placed on a burlocked piece of fabric with green leaves
Rustic Wattle
New arrival! A pop of golden wattle on thick, expressive swooshes of blue. #ModernEmbroidery #StitchedArt #ContemporaryEmbroidery #TextileSculpture #NativePlants #UpcycledArt #TexturedArt
an art project made out of leaves on a purple paper with yellow and green accents
Available for $60 now! #InspiredByNature #AustralianArt #NativePlantsAustralia #NaturesBeauty
a bow tie with flowers and leaves on a white plaque against a wooden wall,
Available to purchase!
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a hand holding up a small piece of paper with yellow flowers on it in front of a bookshelf
Home decor
Do you need a tiny tapestry for your bookshelf? Get in touch to commission a custom artwork!
some flowers are laying on a table cloth
Do you love the contrast of soft gum flowers and sharp wedge-leaf wattle as much as I do?
a person holding a piece of paper with flowers on it next to a string of green leaves
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Study in Pink is ready to be on your wall!
some yellow flowers are laying on a blue and white cloth with green leaves in the center
3D flowers
This commission features an embroidered background and 3D daffodils
some purple and blue flowers are sitting on a piece of paper with green stems in the middle
Showing some love to Australia's delicate flowers