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This 2009 Dodge Challenger has been transformed into a Hemi Cuda Convertible! Is this the kind of thing we will be hunting for in 50 years? #Challenger, #Dodge, #Hemi

Future Find? 2009 "Hemi Cuda" Convertible!

Determining whether a car is destined to become a future classic is not easy. This is especially true when the vehicle in question has been modified. Even if this 2009 Challenger R/T doesn’t eventually achieve that status, it... more»

The 1977 Hornet AMX is a pretty rare car. Have any of you owned one? #AMC, #AMX

Southwest Survivor: 1977 AMC Hornet AMX

AMC has proven itself over and over again by making some of the funkiest, coolest, and most unusual cars of any car company, maybe ever. Case in point: this 1977 AMC Hornet AMX. The seller has this faded Firecracker... more»

This 1952 Allard K2 is 1-of-79 built in left-hand-drive form. They are a lightweight British sports car, and this one features its original potent 400ci V8 under the beautifully sculpted hood. #Allard, #K2

1-Of-79: 1952 Allard K2 "Cad-Allard"

The pages of automotive history books are littered with the names of British sports car manufacturers who are, sadly, no longer with us. One of the true greats was Allard. While it might not be the most instantly recognizable... more»

This 1971 AMC AMX is a rare muscle/pony car from the hyper-competitive early '70s. This example is one of only 1,300 and features the desirable "GO" package and Wild Plum Metallic paint. unfortunately, it is a non-runner but it is a good restoration candidate. #AMCAMX

1971 AMC AMX With Rare 360 Go Pack

This 1971 AMC AMX is a nice find. It is a radical departure from its ’70 predecessor and is equipped with the desirable “GO” package which brings some nice features and of course, it’s wrapped in Wild Plum Metallic... more»

Who could forget the Yugo, the little car from the 1980s that everyone made fun of. Was it a bad rap or a did it deserve its reputation? Who's to say after 30 years. This 1988 edition is being sold as part of a collection and may or may not run. #Yugo

Estate Sale Find: 1988 Yugo GV

The Yugo is famous for something that products don’t want to be known for – poor quality. It began life in the former Yugoslavia in the early-1980s as a shortened variant of the Fiat 127. It was imported into... more»

Do you think this C10 looks like a good buy at $2,500? #C10, #Chevrolet, #Silverado

Cheap Short Bed: 1975 Chevrolet C10 Silverado

1975 was one of the few years that Chevy beat out Ford in truck sales, selling nearly 750,000 vehicles overall. The C10, the two-wheel-drive version of the Chevy full-size pickup, came in two box styles (Fleetside and Stepside), four... more»

This 1965 Mustang Fastback is a custom build that needs to be finished. It has a fresh V8 under the hood and comes with a significant collection of parts that should see the project through to fruition. #Fastback, #Ford, #Mustang

Wide Body: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Custom builds tend to polarize opinion. This is especially true when we start to talk about an iconic classic like this 1965 Mustang Fastback. There will be some people who will decry the work, while some will embrace the... more»

This 1966 Ford Bronco is an original and unmolested survivor with minimal rust. It can be driven and enjoyed immediately, or it should make a straightforward restoration project. #Bronco, #Ford

Uncut U14 Survivor: 1966 Ford Bronco Pickup

This 1966 Ford Bronco Pickup might look a little bit baked, but below the surface, it is a solid and clean survivor with minimal rust problems. It would make a great project vehicle, although there is no reason why... more»

I want to buy this, redo the interior, drop a V8 in it, and take it to next year's Concours d'Lemons! What would you do with it? #FordMustangCobraII

Perfect Patina: 1976 Ford Mustang Cobra II

So, what to say about a Mustang II. I was down with Ford’s pony from 1964.5 through ’70. I took a bit of a gulp at the ’71-’73 BIG Mustang but really had a, “Are you serious?” moment when... more»

The first El Camino pickup by Chevy was based on their full-size wagon for 1959-60. This one from 1960 has a transplanted 409 V8 under the hood, good for 425 hp. But it's been sitting for years and needs a lite restoration at a minimum. #Chevrolet, #ElCamino

Muscle Truck: 409-Powered 1960 Chevrolet El Camino!

1960 was the second year of Chevrolet’s “gentleman’s pickup,” the El Camino. Unlike an ordinary truck, the El Camino was built off the two-door Chevrolet station wagon platform with the cab and cargo bed integrated into the body. This... more»

If you're a fan of the big Lincolns of the '60s and '70s, there are six of them together in a warehouse in Florida. They will be auctioned off along with a bunch of warehouse equipment. They each look to be in pretty good shape. #Continental, #Lincoln, #MarkIII, #MarkV

1960s and 1970s Lincoln 6-Pack

Lincoln’s are no strangers to Barn Finds, but you seldom see six of them being auctioned off from the same source. The “six-pack” covers the years of 1966, 1967, 1969, 1977 and 1978 and includes Continentals, Mark Vs and... more»

This solid Nissan Patrol looks like a nice project, have any of you owned one? #4X4, #Nissan

Solid Patrol Project: 1969 Nissan Patrol 4x4

As a more unusual alternative to Toyota’s FJ-series of 4x4s, this 1969 Nissan Patrol would be fun to own. If nothing else, it would be a much cooler way to load up on organic garbanzo beans from the co-op... more»

1948 Convair 240 must have a fascinating history, right up to the point it was parked in the Ohio woods. Would you rescue this iconic aircraft for $5,000? #Convair

Forest Find! 1948 Convair 240 Airplane

Some of you I’m sure have seen those links pop up to websites that raise big questions like, How did this plane end up in the middle of a rain forest? and other such tales of “mysterious” circumstances involving... more»

This 1971 AMC Javelin SST may appear to be abandoned, but the seller claims it will come back to life without much fuss, and he's asking $4,000. #AMC

Will It Run Again? 1971 AMC Javelin SST

This 1971 AMC Javelin SST is said to be closer to running again than pictures of its current state may suggest. The seller indicates that with fresh gas and a new battery, this 304-equipped example will roar back to... more»

In 1992, Richard Petty retired from NASCAR and Pontiac built 1,000 special tribute Grand Prix's in his honor. This car is one of them and has less than 6,000 miles on it. It's been babied and if you're looking for something unusual, this might be it. #GrandPrix, #Pontiac

5,646 Mile 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix Richard Petty Edition

Even if you don’t follow NASCAR, the name Richard Petty should ring a bell. Known as “The King,” Richard Petty ran in more than 1,100 sanctioned races between 1958 and 1992, accumulating 200 wins and seven national championships. Petty... more»

After spending nearly its entire life with one owner, this turbo Dodge shows well. What's your favorite hot hatch? #Dodge

Hot Hatch: 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo

As the ’80s pushed toward the ’90s, fresh flavors began to replace the bitter taste of slow and poor-running cars that plagued the world during the mid-1970s to mid-1980s. The Omni gave Dodge a player in the burgeoning market... more»