Art & Culture

99 Pins
a metal bag hanging from the side of a brick wall with orange arrows pointing to it
note to self <3
a sign on the wall that says thinking space
a piece of paper that has writing on it
Clay Shadow Type
a group of different colored circles hanging on a wall
a white wall covered in lots of different types of buttons on it's side
Vivid Grid
a wall sculpture made out of green and white tiles
Egg Collective | Ben Medansky
Egg Collective | Ben Medansky
When you wanna be cool
When you wanna be cool
a large rock sitting on top of a white table
Work in Spotlight - Alexis Christodoulou
black and white photograph of man and woman walking in front of an art deco building
COS unveils fashion collection based on Bauhaus design principles
a man with dreadlocks on his head standing in front of a white wall
Creating Creative Portraits By Dragging The Shutter And Adding Movement