Dioptase on Duftite and Calcite

Dioptase on Duftite & Calcite, Namibia. Can I have this rock it's as cute as a button.


Trichroic variety of ziosite. Appears bluish under fluorescent light and purplish under incandescent light. Found mostly in Mt.

Scorodite; Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia

Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia Scorodite stimulates and balances the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Scorodite stimulates the intellect a


Ametrine ~ Many believe that it contains the powers of amethyst and citrine in one stone, making it a very powerful money stone as well as an excellent via to higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Azurite & Malachite

Loud Stone azurite and malachite -- photo by R. Weller - Cochise College (very mindful of fractal patterns)


Morganite is the pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine. Morganite’s subtle color is caused by traces of manganese. I want a morganite engagement ring.

Amber with feathers from the Cretaceous Period

In this amber from the Late Cretaceous period, six feather fragments partially overlap each other.

Amazonite crystals with dark Smoky Quartz

All about phantom quartz crystals, which are crystals with another crystal(s) inside. It's metaphysical properties or meaning is described.


Kunzite is a pink to lilac colored gemstone, a variety of spodumene with the color coming from minor to trace amounts of manganese.

Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz / Maynard's Claim, Thomas Range, Juab Co.

double terminated tibetan black quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz are among the most powerful protection crystals. They are cleansing and can be used to purify a living space!

Lapis Lazuli

A macro shot of the center of a box full of polished blue stones, lapis lazuli. Seen at the TEP venue of the Tucson Rock and Gem Show, 2012 in…

Blue Chrysocolla Malachite Cabochon 145 carats by FenderMinerals, $14.00

*Teal/*Turquoise : Chrysocolla Malachite Cabochon ~ Just so beautiful