Native American Turquoise Jewels.  #lifeinstyle#greenwithenvy

Beautiful Turquoise and silver Native American bracelets. I love all of the different shades of the color Turquoise. I would love to wear these bracelets!

blue Peruvian opal wire wrap ring

THE HAPPY BLUE peruvian opal wire wrap ring

Spectra Necklace

I was very thrilled when I discovered “Stone and Honey” an innovative collection featuring ethereal jewelry from Brazilian agate and inspiring geometric designs.(my favorite kind)

Crystal Rings / Unearthen

Rings by Unearthen jewelry. Have wrapped necklaces for all those types of crystals at Echoz.

Gumdrop Earrings / Kate Spade

gameday earrings- Kate Spade New York Gumdrop Stud Earring


Nina Feather Wrap Bangle--Feathers like angel wings.the ethereal is real.the ethereal is real.