Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun - mini pallet coasters!

These would be great to use on the deck where I already use pallets! Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun make cute little mini pallet coasters! These are so stinkin' cute! Soak in tea/coffee to give them their color.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom & Theme it Around Your Personality. Getting stuck with designer block in your own space can be an issue. I am breaking down how you can infused your dazzling personality into your bedroom space! You don't have to design with a lot of $$. You just have to have a creative brain and the will to make your space your own. Learn more at www.artsandclassy.com.

How To Decorate Your Bedroom & Theme it Around Your Personality

How to make the perfect bed in 12 simple steps

I’m a hotel junkie. One of my favourite things about travel is collapsing at the end of a busy day onto a king-size mattress layered with smartly folded coverle

I like this color scheme

Teal/Brown Bedroom: The orange accent wall with teal and brown bedding is interesting, although I'd use a pinker coral or red/brown and maybe a light greige or tan on other walls

The Block Triple Threat: Room 1 Guest Bedroom

Darren and Deanne's guest bedroom impressed the judges, securing them a permanent spot on the Block Triple Threat.

THE HEADBOARD - MAKE IT YOURSELF WITH PDF AND LEGS!!! Take a tour of Phil and Amitys The Block All Stars house.

The Block All Stars: Room Reveal: Phil and Amity's Bedroom Featuring our beautiful Braid Stripe rug!

Caro and Kingi Room 3 | Master Bed & WIR - #theblock #theblockshop #bedroomstyle

Planning an industrial style bedroom? Check out this awesome room with concrete rendered bed head, graffiti artwork and black hardware. It's just the right mix of industrial with Scandinavian and modern elements!