A little rocky place - The Bungle Bungles  Kimberly region of Western Australia

A little rocky place, The Bungle Bungles, Purnululu NP, Kimberley region, Western Australia

The Kimberley, Western Australia

Boab Trees (adansonia Gregorii) Against A Sunset Sky At Derby In The Kimberley, Western Australia by Peter Walton Photography

The Kimberley Australia, Boab tree

The Kimberley Australia, Boab tree. Prison Tree used as a holding cell near Derby WA in days gone-by.

GREEN ISLAND IN THE DESERT – Trees and bushes are densely packed in the centre of the vast Wolfe Creek Crater, made by a meteorite in Western Australia some 300,000 years ago. The ridge of the crater, and the surrounding area, by contrast, are only sparsely vegetated. The crater has a diameter of about 850 metres (half a mile) and is one of the largest in the world.

Wolfe Creek Crater in Western Australia is years old and one of the largest impact Craters in the World at half a mile wide.

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Port Hedland, Western Australia

Port Hedland, Western Australia



The Wolf Creek Crater lies in Wolf Creek Crater National Park - just on the outskirts of East Kimberly’s Great Sandy Desert. Believed to have been formed by a meteorite crash over 300,000 years ago, this huge rock crater is truly a sight to behold. Measuring in at just over 800 metres wide and 55 metres deep, Wolf Creek is the second largest crater in the world.

Wolfe Creek Crater is a well-preserved meteorite impact crater in Western Australia. It is accessed via the Tanami Road 150 km south of the town of Halls Creek. The crater is central to the Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater National Park.

Wolfe Creek Crater, western australia

Wolfe Creek Crater, on the edge of the great sandy desert - Australia

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