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26 species of beautiful, elusive, iconic, rare, or unusual birds that can be found in some of the best holiday destinations in the world.

From big cats to exotic birds - these are the best wildlife encounters to have in Peru. Exotic Birds, Colorful Birds, World Birds, Best Location, Bird Watching, The Rock, Peru, Travel Inspiration, Wildlife

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From the forests of Bhutan to the tropical wetlands of Florida, discover 10 of the best locations in the world to spot birds.

Great - Blue Heron and red winged black bird. Oh just two of my favorite birds canoodling. Fuck this is awesome. Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Small Birds, Baby Animals, Beautiful Pictures

Excellence In Avian Photography (EIAP) -- INVITED IMAGES ONLY !!

(MODERATED) The home of EXCELLENT BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY. Each photos must have an invitation before being placed in the main gallery. Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP) was created by ForestWanderer in February 2007. It was inspired by the Excellence in Floral Photography group, and a similar avian group did not exist at that time. Its purpose was to bring together many of the excellent bird photos taken by photographers, worldwide, where we can all enjoy and comment on them…

Mug shot for Craig Buckner and his macaw, "Bird. – A macaw named "Bird" is an instant Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Beautiful Couple, Absolutely Gorgeous, Tropical Birds, Exotic Birds, Colorful Birds

Green-winged Macaws

I shot this handheld, braced against a wiggly rope bridge. I must have taken at least 25 shots to get one free of blur, and with the parrots in a good pose. The exif shows just how close to the D1x's limits I was with this one. I've noticed that mirror slap becomes a problem at speeds around 1/60th of a second when using the 80-200 f2.8. Setting anti-mirror-shock mode on helps eliminate that, but there's a significant blackout time between mirror up and the shutter firing. There's a fair…

love birds~God made such beautiful creatures. Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Simply Beautiful, Exotic Birds, Colorful Birds, Exotic Pets, Animals And Pets

cordon bleu finches description,

Gruppo di specie: Cordon Bleus e Granatieri Altro nome (s): Blu Waxbill; Blue-breasted Cordon Bleu Finch; Angolano Cordon Bleu Nome scienti...

Yellow-Crowned Gonolek, also known as the common gonolek, is a medium-sized passerine bird in the bushshrike family. It is a common resident breeding bird in equatorial Africa from Senegal and Democratic Republic of Congo east to Ethiopia. Kinds Of Birds, All Birds, Little Birds, Love Birds, Pretty Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Wild Animals

Yellow-Crowned Gonolek

Yellow-Crowned Gonolek, (Laniarius barbarus) outside our room, Palma Rima Hotel